Inline Cold Foil

Estúdio Gráfico 21 is the only company in Portugal and one of the first within the European market to use the innovative system of inline cold foil in an offset machine.
One of the inline cold foil advantages is the fact of being made inline in an offset machine, thus allowing a vast and unlimited contrast and metallic colours. In many cases its flexibility allows it to be an excellent tool to create printed effects whether in small or large print runs as well as in large printing areas or small details.
Cold foil in an offset machine allows the work (foil + printing) to be done quicker, more accurately, including a final product assessment (foil + printing) in just one stroke through the machine.
This method allows to assess the brands, the products and the communication from the customer, therefore it is an important instrument to obtain notoriety, prestige, visibility and a big differentiation factor regarding competitors.
Increasingly popular, the metallic effects can be found in magazines, books, editions, packages, labels, leaflets and in countless other graphic applications which due to their huge visual impact call the consumers attention.
Cold foil printing is difficult to forge and impossible to copy, thus it has found an important role to play by reinforcing security of products and packages.

How does cold foil work:

The offset printing machine works with 7 different parts:

  • In the first part, adhesive ink (glue) is applied by a conventional offset plate where the glue is printed into the paper sheet with maximum accuracy;
  • In the second part, the metallic film adheres to the paper just in the adhesive layer;
  • From the third to the sixth part, the offset printing starts working on the mode colours selection over the foil area (overprint) and over the white area of the paper;
  • In the seventh part, a special varnish is applied to protect the entire area of the printing/foil.

How should you send the files for printing on inline cold foil?

Bleiben sie bei der einmal gewhlten schrifttype schluss schreiben hausarbeit beispiel und -art.