3D Digital UV Varnish

After the cold foil printing, Estúdio Gráfico 21, following its implementation of the innovation strategy and scale of values, offers the market and its clients a new technology – the 3D Digital UV Varnish.
With this system a new paradigm is created within the printing processes and finishing, with a higher UV varnish democratization (spot and/or coating thickness), raising the printing works to a new dimension with the possibility to create effects and textures.
Thus, the printed visual communication acquires a unique sensory and tactile expression with high impact, enhancement of the message and efficiency.

The 3D Digital UV Varnish technology has also the following main advantages:

  • It is digital meaning there are no constraints of quantities, therefore a balanced ratio enables small or large printings;
  • Advanced recording system from a CCD camera system which allows sheet by sheet reading as well as to amend any printing gaps;
  • The possibility to use paper of small grammage up to 700g and other materials/supports such as pvc;
  • 99 GU (gloss units) is the highest gloss and transparency available in this type of finishing in printed materials;
  • Up to 25 microns high of polymer (the level for Braille printing) with the possibility of variable density from 1 to 100%;
  • Double-sided inkjet Braille solution;
  • The possibility to customise with variable data in vanish.

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